Care of the jewellery

Treat your jewellery with care and remove it to wash your hands or when you are going to use acid or chemical products such as perfume, soap, detergents, etc.

You should avoid your jewellery coming into contact with water in the shower, swimming pool or the sea. Try not to wear your jewellery when doing any physical activity that involves excessive sweating.

Cleaning your jewellery

You should clean your jewellery after using it to avoid loss of colour and shine. You should clean it gently using a damp cotton cloth (just using water and do not apply any liquid with chemical products) or a special microfibre cloth for cleaning jewellery. Gently rub the jewellery to remove any dirt.

Never apply any chemical liquid or product to the jewellery.

How to store your jewellery

Always store your jewellery so that the pieces do not touch each other to prevent any damage or scratches.

Your jewellery must always be kept away from any exposure to sunlight and in cool places, ideally in a padded jewellery box. You should not store your jewellery in the bathroom or in damp places.